The traditional building
The old building has been restored and refurbished respecting traditional architecture.

It was built in 1845 and remained intact for 160 years.
The cellar, the ground-floor winter rooms and the upstairs-summer rooms were a point of reference of the village history.

It was the central and tallest building dominating the old village square (Mesochori).
It was an all-purpose store at its time.
It was a tailor’s, a butcher’s, a barber’s and also the grocer’s of the village, till the early 1970’s.
At that time the building was abandone… Until it started “breathing” again.

It was a great satisfaction for us to restore the crumbling building and moreover to refurbish it in congruence with its surroundings.

Architectural style
Stone walls 80 cm wide, stone arches, wooden ceilings, wooden staircases and trap-doors, beautiful rooms with fireplaces, a stone cellar with a fireplace for a traditional breakfast are waiting for you to get away from it all and relax.
The wooden balconies seem to touch the enormous rocks. It’s a breathtaking spectacle.